Open Call! IV edition of the Diverse and Immigrant Solidarity Economy Fair

Building Antiracist Economies for everybody

Jàngoro ji wane na, ci gnimou gnor, ni kom-kom mênul a am ludul si kaw gnu jeem a saakou yookute si dundin wi. Ba noonu, jamono bi ni êpp bêgoon nu gêm loo ni gnoo ngi dundu li gênê yees ci sunu aduna, ndôol mi ngi gnuy sonal, doonte kom-kom bi gnepp doon xaar dafa taga teembe diiru lu toolo ak been att. Tay nak, tassu kaayu xibaar yaa ngi gnuy bêg a gêmloo ni xew-xew bi am Ukaraine ak xeex bi dox ci diggente Russie ak OTAN mooko waral.

2023 will be remembered as the year in which COVID-19 stopped being a sanitary threat, and we progressively started to come back to a so-called normality. We have seen for these last three years how the problems related to precariousness of the most vulnerable collectives have aggravated in our society, subjugated to capital, leading through the control installed by elites. In everyday interactions, power struggles and inequality are perpetuated in the societal relationship, in which those who have higher advantages have serious problems recognizing their own privileges, meanwhile the people in disadvantage or even in an oppressed state, are predominantly people coming from the global south and with an irregular administrative status. 

It seems paradoxical that even though there has been multiple evidence that there is a necessity to rethink and transform the current socioeconomic model, to self-organize and collaborate putting the people and the care labor at the center, we can unfortunately observe how the small victories we’ve reached in this sense, thanks to the social movements, are now in danger because of the hate-speech increment, showcased in the media, the political powers and the rising of the extreme right-wing. 

Speeches that are directed towards immigrants, racialized people and dissidence coming from the marginalized parts of the territory to be criminalized in a perpetual process of dehumanization, this becomes evident when considering their inaccessibility to basic rights, like not being able to vote, at the frontiers and within the immigration policies differentiated by states of origin, in the hardship of accessing to a housing and educational rights with young immigrants, and non-hegemonic racialized groups, and the difficulties of getting a job with the minimal dignifying conditions. 

Any social movement that has social transformation as a priority should also adopt antiracism as a crucial part of their own movement, not simply as a moral tool but as a vital one to attack the core of capitalism. Social and Solidarity Economics contain a transformational potential that can only be possible if it serves the popular sector, within which there lies people with diverse origins that have a lot more hardships and limitations to start an economical project that can resolve their vital needs. 

In this sense, we continue to compromise with the consolidation of this space to meet, recognize and build networks that allow us to take advantage of the transformational alternative potential of the diverse socioeconomic initiatives, started by immigrant and racialized people. In that organizational force, transformation and reproduction of life, that inhabits the collective projects, that moves us as the Immigration Circle and antiracist economy from Coòpolis to an open call for the Fourth edition of the Diverse and Immigrant Solidarity Economy Fair. This edition sets the youth as the protagonists of this construction of new cooperative horizons. 

Participating in this community and collective initiative allows the construction of spaces for mutual aid, creating spaces of belonging, making visible and responding through action to the multiple barriers that can exist related to the access to a wider job offer with dignifying payments. 

Having all these complexities and challenges in consideration, we want to extend and invite the hundreds of projects that fight each day to transform the current scenery. Collectives, immigrant people with diverse initiatives and economic projects (with or without a legal form). The pre-inscription period for those projects interested in participating in the Fair can do it July 18th until September 11th. After this period, the selection and confirmation process will take place. On September 30th, the fair will take place in Llotja Sant Antoni. 

Between all of us, we will make it possible. We are waiting for you!